What rooms are available?
The Main Hall – 15m x 7.5m with a 5m ceiling.
The Reading Room – 7m x 4.5m

What’s the capacity of the rooms?
Whole Building – 150
Hall – 100 seated
Reading Room – 30 seated
If you hire the whole building and require the doors between the rooms to be open, you must let us know when you make your reservation.

What times is hall available for hire?
The Premises Licence authorising Regulated Entertainment activities covers Mon-Thurs 9am-11pm, Fri & Sat 9am-11.30pm, Sun 9am-10.30pm, NYE 9am-12.30am. Music must be turned off by this time and the premises vacated within 30 minutes with respect to the local residents.

Is there a kitchen?
Both rooms have kitchen facilities. The Reading Rooms kitchen is better equipped.
In the Reading Room kitchen you can have use of a kettle, teapot, crockery, cutlery, mugs, water jugs, cookware, oven, hob, microwave, tea towels and tablecloths.
In the Main Hall you can have use of a kettle, teapot, mugs and glasses.

Is there a bar?
Both the Main Hall and the Reading Room have kitchens with counters into the main room. These counters work well as a bar.

Can I serve alcohol?
Yes, if you are providing the alcohol free to attendees, then you don’t need a licence.
If you will be selling alcohol, then you need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN). This costs £21 and is the responsibility of the event holder. You need to apply for this at least 10 days prior to the event. You can do this here. Please let us know if you are doing this. There is a limit on how many licences a venue can hold within 12 months, so we need to keep a track of TENs.

Can I have live music?
Yes you can, you don’t need a licence as this is only needed for events attended by more than 500 people.

Is there a stage?
By hiring the whole building and opening the doors between the 2 rooms, the Reading Room becomes a stage. We have a backdrop that can be fitted to obscure the rest of the Reading Room and frame the stage. This can be hired for £50. Please include this on your booking and make sure this is highlighted to the bookings secretary.

Are there any speakers to play recorded music?
Yes. For an additional hire fee you can hire use of our sound system (£10) and a microphone (£10). There are 4 excellent speakers in the hall. If you hire the sound system, you will have access to plug in your own device. Please add this to you booking when you make your request.

How do I get into the hall at the beginning of my booking?
Around a week before your booking you will be contacted with the arrangements for opening up and closing the hall for your event.

How many tables and chairs are there?
Main Hall – 80 chairs and 12 tables approx. 75cm x 2m. Each table will seat 6-8
Reading Room – 35 chairs, 6 small tables to seat 4 and 4 large tables to seat 6-8.
There are photographs of these on the gallery page

Can I put up decorations?
You can put up decorations, but we don’t allow anything to be stuck to the painted walls. You can attach decorations by using the hooks already screwed into the wall.  Helium balloons should be securely attached and it is the party organiser’s responsibility to remove all balloons on departure. Our heating is on the ceiling, so a loose balloon is a fire risk.

Do I have to clean the hall after using it?
You need to tidy up after yourself leaving the hall as you found it. This includes putting all chairs and tables away, taking away any rubbish, washing and returning anything you have used from the kitchen and sweeping the floor. You will find a brush in the cupboard by the front door. You do not need to clean the room – we have regular cleaners to do this.

Can I put the heating on?
Yes – but please remember to switch it off before you leave. Instructions on how to use the heating are situated on the wall to the left hand of the stage.

What do I do with the key at the end of the night?
Depending on the time your event concludes, we will either have a member of the committee come to the hall and lock up, or you should put the key in the keybox after you have locked the hall.  We will discuss this with you when you make your booking.

Are there facilities for the disabled?
There are chairs with arms in the Reading Room which is accessible to wheelchairs from the side entrance, but not from the main hall due to steps. The Main hall now has wheelchair access via the front entrance ramp and has a disabled toilet.

Is there any outdoor space?
Unfortunately we don’t have a garden or any outdoor space immediately adjacent to the hall. There is a car park and you may be able to use some of that space depending on what you want it for. Please contact the bookings secretary to discuss this.

Is there parking available?
The village hall has a car park for around 12 cars. Please be considerate to our neighbours when parking.